Looks kinda similar to me…

Can’t say for sure if it was intentional reference or just a coincidence, but to me this two pictures look kinda similar…


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  1. jfgslo
    Sep 16, 2015 @ 20:34:21

    Hard to tell if it was merely a coincidence. It does seem intentional, but it would imply that the artists of My Little Pony know how to read Japanese or read the scanlation of the manga and that I find hard to believe.


    • AlexMalkavian
      Sep 17, 2015 @ 14:44:12

      > know how to read Japanese or read the scanlation of the manga
      Well, Rob Zombie (or at least artist who did cover to that single) knows about Devilman, and I doubt that he knows Japanese.
      But I was mostly talking about resemblance between Sombra’s and Devilman’s faces, text is completely different. Earlier they dropped references to Kill La Kill (1, 2), Sailor Moon (or, in that case, to mahou shoujou genre in general), Princess Mononoke (though I thought about blue giants from Suzumiya Haruhi here), and some others. Also Heather Breckel (who’s also colorist of that issue) some time ago joked about Hokuto no Ken (judging by kanji, the picture there is from Japanese version).
      Anyway, that was just a little thought I got after reading new MLP comic.
      P.S. I was surprised to know that Devilman was never actually published in USA, and Kodansha’s Bilingual Comics edition is the only complete official translation.


  2. jfgslo
    Sep 20, 2015 @ 06:17:07

    I also meant the graphical aspect of the images. The point is that, that particular page is not very well known or associated with Devilman, so, in order to know about it, one must have checked the manga, not the anime, and, for that reason, I’m inclined to believe that it was merely a coincidence since I don’t think that any of those two artists would be interested in reading the manga if it isn’t in English and it’s not a well known series in the US. All those series mentioned above, contrary to Devilman, are well known in the US. Even Hokuto no Ken had its anime adaptation commercialized and the opening became incorrectly known as “You wa shock!”. This makes them very easy to research or reference, particularly with Internet.

    But, knowing the Rob Zombie connection, it makes me think about another alternative. While Devilman has never been officially published, Shin Devilman was published by Glenn Danzig’s Verotik in 1995/6. There is a chance that people in those circles do know about the imagery related to Devilman without having to read the manga.


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