Ishinomori Shotaro’s manga leftovers

Two interviews and some illustrations from incomplete archive from Share here:
And some incomplete manga here:

[一般コミック] [石ノ森章太郎萬画大全集] [石森章太郎] 四次元半 襖の下張り 第02巻
Only 2nd volume available.

(一般コミック) [石ノ森章太郎] 009ノ1 (角川単行本コミックス)上下巻 (不完全)
Vol.01 – Missing pages: 75-109, 214-217, 263-266, 299-337, 457-469
Vol.02 – Missing pages (68-72, 188-199, 210-218, 271-285) were added from (一般コミック) [石ノ森章太郎] 009-1 下巻 コンビニ版 (完). This scans were darker. Renamed to keep files in order, and added (別スキャン) postfix.

(一般コミック) [石ノ森章太郎] ドッグワールド 全03巻 (不完全)
(unsplitted pages)
Vol.01 – Complete
Vol.02 – Missing pages: 4-9
Vol.03 – Missing pages: 1-8, 10-14, 19-40, 45-63, 68-72, 76-80, 87-92, 103-107, 109-end

(一般コミック) [石ノ森章太郎] サイボーグ009 第10, 11, 14巻 [石ノ森章太郎萬画大全集]
Rebuilt, some pages missing. From vol 14 only omake present.

[一般コミック] [石ノ森章太郎萬画大全集] [石森章太郎] さんだらぼっち 第05, 09巻
Rebuilt, some pages missing.

マスカーワールド 石ノ森章太郎恐怖アンソロジー
Rebuilt, many pages missing

(一般コミック) (マンガ日本の古典 1) [石ノ森章太郎 × 太安万侶] 古事記
Rebuilt, pages 122-141, 144-154, 170-187 missing.


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