Shimamoto Kazuhiko’s manga leftovers

As title says, it’s Shimamoto Kazuhiko’s manga leftovers.

Anime Tenchou \ アニメ店長 (only vol. 01):
(I don’t remember where i got it, but I’m sure it was some torrent)

Some oneshots:
Arashi no Tenkousei \ 嵐の転校生:
Ashita no Gundam + Naguriai Sora \ あしたのガンダム & なぐりあい宇宙:
↑Not sure about this one. Creator of NS is Kazuhiko Yoshikazu (カズヒコ・ヨシカズ), but in AnG it is “Kazuhiko Yoshikazu (Kazuhiko Shimamoto)” (kanji 島本和彦 in brackets).
Hotondo Hero \ ほとんどヒーロー:
My Sweet Sunday:
Ura Shimamoto Kazuhiko \ 裏・島本和彦:
Sokusenryoku Guts! \ 即戦力ガッツ!:

Other stuff somehow related to Shimamoto Kazuhiko:
Tomorrow (or maybe today’s evening) I’ll upload Moeru V (燃えるV) and that’s the last Shimamotyo’s manga I have. Only other manga I have is Trick Hunter (トリックハンタージョウ), but couple of pages are missing (33, 56, 88, 91, 126, 131, 192, 193). Should I upload it despite this?
There’s some other manga on EBJ, but I don’t knw when I’ll buy it.


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