Great Mazinger \ グレートマジンガー (Rippu Dynamic Comic) (raw manga)

Great Mazinger (Rippu Dynamic Comic). Thanks to MD for volume 1. He wrote:

The second volume of Great Mazinger is from the Nagai version (2 volumes).
The 4 volumes you uploaded is the Nagai-Gosaku Ota version

DDL (MF folder):
UPD: for some reason MF cuts filename for vol 1. It should end with .rar, But I can’t add last letter.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. MD
    Mar 07, 2012 @ 05:22:31

    If you are interested I found this link with Nagai and Ishikawa manga.

    I found lots of manga you already uploaded. But there are also a few others:
    -Iron Virgin Jun
    -Rambo Sensei
    -Jushin Liger
    -Mazinger Z – Grendizer (Gosaku Ota)
    -And other few Mazinger and Getter Robo manga

    I think you need an account to download from and it also has its own “dowload manager”

    I hope it helps.


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