Reupload (pt 17) + about upcoming manga uploads


Now about upcoming manga uploads.

Nagai Go
In a few minutes I’ll make a torrents of Getter Robo Daikessen and Dokuro no Yakata – and for now that’s a last manga of Nagai have on my HDD. Some of his manga that I can get from ebj will be surely uploaded later.
But I also have some of his manga that is not complete AND not present on ebj or elsewhere in net. There’s no sense to upload it to torrent, so I just put it all there:
For now there are some chapters of “Chouman” (超マン), second volume of “Barabanba”, second volume of “Great Mazinger” (I don’t kwon how it corresponds to 4-volume version, but there are some interesting pages in the beginning), 3rd volume of “Bagai Go Tanhehshuu” and vol.3&4 of “Shinrei Tantei Occult Dan”. If somebody have missing volumes please contact me – or just upload it on Nyaa.

Manabe Jouji
Also not much non-hentai stuff left – “Boukun Tyrano-san”, some one-shot named “Mukougawa de no koigokoro”, some addition to “Ginga Sengoku” (銀河戦国群雄伝ライ -帝国最大の危機-) and 1st volume of “Kurobone”.
As for his hentai manga – probably I’ll release it in two big packs:
Pack 1 – original manga (Tail Chase, Rin x Mama, Makunouchi Deluxe, Kanojo de Ippai, Koisuru Ushi-Chichi, Ogin, Oniku de CHU, Feti-Nabe).
Pack 2 – doujin manga (including self-doujins aka “Ura-something”).


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. D
    Mar 04, 2012 @ 13:01:47

    Thanks for all these great Go Nagai mangas! Do you think you’ll be uploading something by Ken Ishikawa as well?


  2. MD
    Mar 05, 2012 @ 03:55:09

    Hi. Thank you for all the uploads.

    The second volume of Great Mazinger is from the Nagai version (2 volumes).
    The 4 volumes you uploaded is the Nagai-Gosaku Ota version (There are also Mazinger Z and Grendizer versions too. I don’t have them)

    I uploaded the first volume of Great Mazinger (I messed up the name)

    And here’s Eurasia 1274 by Ken Ishikawa (uploaded by Gabrieru K7)
    Tiger of 5000 Light Years


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